About Craig

One of my favourite quotes is “There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream” – Shelley K. Wall.   At the age of 17, about to embark on life outside of school, I was involved in a motorcycle accident.  I shattered my bones; I shattered my ambitions and I shattered my ability to run after anything or so I thought.

Today, I feel privileged to say that I am an award-winning speaker, business adviser and mentor.  In 2008, I began my Toastmasters journey.  I have contested six Toastmasters New Zealand Speaking Finals in Impromptu, Humorous and International Speech contests, attaining two 3rd places and winning the coveted International Speech Contest in 2012. This enabled me to represent Toastmasters New Zealand in the 2012 Toastmasters International Semi Finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Other significant Toastmasters New Zealand roles have included being selected to be an International Speech Contest Chairman, Contest Judge and Evaluation Contest “Test Speaker” for New Zealand Finals. I was also asked to MC the Toastmasters New Zealand District 72 Conference held over 3 days in May 2019 in Dunedin. 

As part of my commercial business activity I offer speaking and presentation training to business teams and individuals (private and business).  

In 2019 I self-published two books – Sophie’s Speech and How to Save the World – One Question at a Time.    Check out the shop for those books. 

In 2020, after nearly 4 decades in such diverse industries as banking, insurance, stadia and pathology I have decided to become a business adviser.  I love business, always have.  To be a good adviser I believe you need to understand and relate to the executive and street-smart business owners.  To support this, I also act as mentor through Business Mentors NZ and provide services through the Regional Business Partner Network.

Craig in action


Thanks, Craig, for your support and guidance to overcome what seemed an overwhelming project ahead!! Speaking to people who are trained and skilled as speakers, was somewhat daunting, however with your guidance and encouragement we managed to get a keynote speech which was insightful and made me feel proud! I have learnt new skills, gained confidence and now feel confident to tackle the next project ahead. Fantastic coaching Craig.

Raylene Bates
MNZM, Athletics New Zealand – High Performance Para Athletics Lead Coach  


Craig and I worked together at Dunedin Venues and we have remained in contact ever since. I have asked Craig on occasion to assist with mentoring staff via Skype. Craig is a determined and dedicated person, with a creative and innovative mind. He has an amazing work ethic and is quick to grasp initiative. I have learned a great deal from Craig over the years and have often been spellbound with his ability to speak in public. His humour with a profound message attached has often kept the groups he speaks to engaged and hanging on his words. The skill set he possesses in this space are absolutely essential in creating connection in today’s society. I would highly recommend Craig as an Emcee, Keynote speaker, Coach / Trainer and a person.

Guy Hedderwick
CEO, Arena Stadium Management and Titanium Security Arena

Craig has been a huge support, mentor and coach throughout the past few years. Craig helped me develop my public speaking and confidence which were ultimately the deciding factors in me becoming Miss New Zealand and going on to place in the top 15 at Miss World 2015. Craig gave business advice and support when I co-founded LearnCoach which has gone on to become the biggest online provider of secondary school educational support in New Zealand (www.learncoach.co.nz). Craig also provided invaluable mentoring and support that helped me finish my medical degree and then make the leap into the unknown, joining an investment banking team 18 months ago in Auckland. Thank you so much Craig for everything you have done.

Dr Deborah Lambie
Former Miss New Zealand, Co-founder of LearnCoach

If you are looking for a person to up your game on the public speaking front, Craig McGregor will draw on all his skills as a gifted and disciplined public speaker, teacher and mentor to ensure you will become supremely competent at public speaking, and feel confident doing so. Over the last 5 years, I have closely observed, and competed against, Craig. He is an expert public speaker – his national and international competition results speak for themselves. His greatest skill, however, is in helping others to build their own voice, and craft their own message in a way that they can deliver what they want to say authentically and confidently. Craig will enable you to influence, persuade, and move people. I have watched Craig mentor individuals to enormous success, and I have seen him train groups so effectively that they learn as much from each other, as they do from him. Craig McGregor is committed to the success of others and a truly outstanding and principled teacher. He has taught me an enormous amount, and as a speaker, coach, trainer and facilitator, I wholeheartedly endorse Craig as someone who can free your voice, giving you and others access to the true meaning of your personal and professional message.

Robyn McLeod
Facilitator, Trainer and Coach

I am an introvert.  Starting a new business required me to network, pitch business ideas and run a team of people.  For my business to succeed, being at the back of the crowd was no longer an option for me.  Craig has been my mentor for 6 years, taking on a shaking nervous wreck who could barely say my name while on a stage and trying to pitch for investment.  My journey and growth is always continuing, but I am now proud that I stood on the town hall stage and accepted a business award, with 100’s of people watching, speaking with the calm and eloquence of someone who had always been comfortable in front of a crowd.

Kylie Robinson
Managing Director + Founder, Igtimi Ltd the makers of www.Yacht-Bot.com


Picture this, I had a speaking engagement that I knew about for 3 months and now it was two and a half weeks away. Compounding the ever-increasing stress levels was the fact it would be my first time representing the firm on stage. I just did not know if I had the time to prepare and bring together everything that was swirling around in my head.

I first met Craig at our Toastmasters Club and he came recommended by our HR team. At our very first meeting I was throwing ideas at Craig left right and centre. My presentation was on a topic I knew well but I needed guidance about how to present the information effectively.

Craig knows exactly how a good presentation is structured and at the end of this first meeting we had refined my ideas and mapped out a master plan. We set targets to ensure I kept on track and Craig continued to motivate me as I worked towards my end goals that would see me walk on stage, ready and confident.

Craig gave me so many great tips to give a well-polished professional presentation. Because of my preparation I was able to adjust my content without anyone knowing. I received so many compliments afterwards.

Craig was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to shine during their next presentation or speech.

Hayley Galvin
Solicitor, Anderson Lloyd


I first stumbled across Craig’s website in high school as I was looking for a public speaking coach. I had been selected to perform an induction speech for the NZ Business Hall of Fame and I was absolutely petrified. I always had a fear of public speaking and thus had little confidence in myself.

However, through Craig’s training and expertise I slowly improved, Craig was able to help implement specific speaking techniques . Thanks to Craig I was able to speak confidently in front of thousands of New Zealand’s business elite.  I could not recommend Craig enough.

Bruno Marsh
Head of Young Enterprise, John McGlashan College – Year 13