Craig McGregor Cue Cards

$17.38$60.86 exc. GST


Available in packs of 50 ($19.99), 100 ($37.50), and 200 (69.99)

Who will use Cue Cards?

  1. Speakers that want to transition from reading a word-for-word script
  2. Speakers that want to transition to “no notes”
  3. Speakers that want a simple back up of their notes – in sequence, ready at hand.
  4. Students that have to present in class and in speech competitions

Using Cue Cards well will lift the quality of your presenting immeasurably. Because you are not locked into a lectern and your notes, you can interact with your audience to:

  • Make eye contact
  • Respond
  • Gesture
  • And move freely

I have seen people try and use pieces of paper that are not designed for the purpose. Because they had not prepared their notes appropriately, they, and the audience, were distracted by constant fidgeting with their notes. In this instance the student was in a speech contest. Their notes were recorded on random pieces or paper, of different sizes that appeared to be ripped which meant they were hard to keep organised. I was glad in this instance they did not drop any notes because that would have been catastrophic. They may have lost their place, their rhythm and most importantly their composure at a time when they wanted to be at their best.

Used well, you will sound, look and feel more present! Your entire delivery will have more life, more energy and will project confidence! If you are nervous about making the transition from a full script to cue cards, don’t be. Take it slowly. Give yourself time to thoroughly rehearse and you’ll be delighted with the result.

Each card has a hole for a tie or ring, so they are kept in order, even if you drop them. There are neat lines to help keep any text you write tidy and a space to number them so you know where you are up to.