How to Save the World One Question at a Time



What can I say – this book may change your life! How to Save the World one question at a time is the essential book of questions for all ages. 1408 questions, broken in 17 chapters with thought provoking questions that get you thinking. It’s easy to store and easy to use.

Questions are great conversation starters. They invite you to open your mind and reveal thoughts, feelings and experiences in life on a wide variety of subjects.

Try it out in business and social settings such as:

  • Holidays with family and friends – a stimulating alternative to playing cards or board games.
  • In the car during long journeys – this is a great way to make the trip seem much shorter. We keep a copy in the sleeve behind one of the front seats, so it is always close to hand.
  • Around the meal table – an opportunity for young and old to talk and practice speaking in front of people.
  • Discussion groups – ideal as an icebreaker at workshops or as an interlude in business meetings to help team members get to know each other.
  • Students that want an activity on school camp.
  • Sitting on a waiting room table for customers to read.

The quality of a question is not judged by its complexity but by the complexity of thinking it provokes.

– Joseph O’Connor