Public Speaking Coaching – Fast Track



1 hour skills FastTrack coaching session delivered in-person or online.

Designed to focus on specific aspects of your speech or presentation including content, vocal variety, and body language.
Learn to unpack and craft your ideas, share your expertise, conviction and unique personal experience in a way that amplifies and has lasting impact.
Breathe life into your message with clarity in a way that inspires your team or audience. Learn to hone your content through effective congruent delivery.
Demonstrate leadership, charisma, and service to others. Show confidence from the inside out in the things you say and do.

1 hour

Coaching Overview:
Coaching can include but is not limited to the following:

  • All speaker needs are different. Every speaker will have their own level of experience. This process is looking at what you do from the moment you are asked to speak to the moment you complete your speech or presentation.
  • Unpack your creativity with a speaking and presentation road map that provides you with structure
  • and framework to ensure success.
  • Create a plan and overcome procrastination – It is so easy to lose track of time with all the other things to consider.
  • Plan your speech content to meet the needs of the audience. Who are they and what are their needs?
  • Script reviews, recommendations, and suggestions to create clarity so it is clear what you want them to think, feel or do.
  • Create a mindset to manage nerves so you can lead with confidence.
  • Learn stagecraft skill and meeting management.
  • Learn question and answer techniques so that you maintain control.
  • Feedback on video recordings


Coaching delivered in person is subject to availability and locality. I reserve the right to add in any travel costs where this is warranted. This will be discussed at the time.

Online meetings are preferred on Zoom (or similar) where information and files can be shared visually and is intended to be a two-way conversation.

This is coaching, not a course. Your needs will be different to someone else. I have coached people who are beginners wanting to just do a “good job” to those who are already experts in their field but just need someone to bounce ideas off or to put the right content and structure in place.

Ideal for those people who want quick and specific feedback or advice about their speech or presentation. Come prepared with your script, video, slide show (whatever) and get instant feedback or suggestions.

If you need more time you can buy it