A promise is a promise

One year ago, as I made this sudden change to my business life, I decided I would write and publish two books within 12 months. The first book was a called – How to Save the World – One Question at a Time which you can find on my website. It came in very handy when we had to travel from Brisbane inland to Roma recently to attend a family wedding. 500 kilometres each way is a long time cooped up with a carload of people. Part of the thrill of not attempting the trip by plane was getting out in the outback of Australia at ground level. Eventually the book of questions was brought into play when all other forms of conversation had ceased and that often used phrase was mentioned…”Are we there yet”. As I knew it would, it dispensed with 2 hours of travelling time where we all talked, sometimes argued and certainly laughed. There are indeed some questions that require some navigation but I have always been surprised by how open we all become.

The hardest question I am told so far is #526 “What is the opposite of a Koala”. We didn’t hit that one on our trip but it has been hit in a Toastmasters meeting I am told. I suspect that one would be greeted with rolling eyes, groans and expletives. Nevertheless, every question has an answer – right or wrong which might include varying displays of maturity.

I have been asked – “why is there 1408 questions?” – I don’t have a very scientific answer I’m afraid. If you have watched the movie Forrest Gump, there is a scene where Forrest is running – he’s been running for quite a while. In fact – 3 years, 2 months, 14 days and 16 hours and he turns to his tribe of followers and says “I’m pretty tired now, I think I’ll go home.” That kinds of sums up the situation.

I did promise two books in year one and the second is nearly finished.

I am taking pre-orders if you are so inclined. It was a panel show on Radio New Zealand hosted by Jim Mora that got me into action. You can listen to the show here if you like.

The book is about confidence, speaking and the relationship between a young girl (Sophie) her dog (Molly) and that nerve racking challenge of having to get up and speak in front of her class (with a little help from yours truly) – The reader will have just as much fun doing the reading and will learn some essential skills along the way as well.  Let me know if you would like to order your copy for Xmas – click here

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