​Want to get your teenagers talking?

Last year I created a book called How to Save the World – One Question at a Time. Its not your typical book because it has 1408 questions in it and the stories and life experiences that are revealed belong to the person answering the question. When you write a book, and someone buys it you hope to get some meaningful reviews. Here is one testimonial that made my heart sing…

Hi Craig,

Over the Christmas holidays we had our wonderful Auckland relatives staying with us. One evening we pulled out How To Save The World – One Question at a Time and spent several hours randomly selecting questions to answer. We had 10 of us participating, 4 adults and 6 ‘children’ (aged from 10 to 21). Each question was answered by everyone, albeit, occasionally one or two could not think of an answer and would skip. No pressure was applied. To say, all enjoyed this discussion tremendously, is an understatement. It was a mixture of laughter, fun and at times outright seriousness. Many of the answers given were both thought provoking and insightful. In particular, I was impressed with the children’s unexpected maturity, thoughtfulness, reflection, and understanding of some of the ‘big issues’. To be fair, it made me extremely proud listening to and discussing their views on many of the topics. We enjoyed this interaction so much that we had another session a few nights later. I thoroughly recommend How To Save The World – One Question at a Time, by Craig McGregor. It is perfect for car trips, nights at home, raining Sunday afternoons or any other time when one wishes to stimulate discussion with family and friends.

Kind regards, PG